Media support

As part of its services, the Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) provides the following support to members of the media:

Media familiarisation (FAM) trips

The GTA regularly invites and hosts key media to experience Gauteng. This is not only seen as an opportunity to gain valuable media exposure but also to empower travel writers, producers, bloggers and reporters with valuable real destination information and experiences.

Media support for location shoots, permits and approvals

Working with its sister agencies the GTA is able to assist in securing the necessary approvals for specific location shoot requests, especially for non-commercial ventures aimed at promoting Gauteng, its cities and regions.

Media partnerships

The destination communications and media relations unit is responsible for the coordination of the agency’s media partnerships.

It enters into strategic partnerships with various media with the sole purpose of promoting Gauteng as a destination.

The GTA works with partners in the industry to ensure all involved in the partnership derive value for money and that it is a fulfilling experience.