Welcome to Tshwane, the heartbeat of South Africa. Tshwane means "We are all the same" in Setswana, one of the country’s 11 official languages.

The new Tshwane is the single largest metropolitan municipality in South Africa, covering an area of 6 368km². It has 105 wards, 210 councillors and about 2.5-million residents, and is divided into seven regions.

Tshwane is a progressive city that harmoniously blends its African roots with European traditions. An interesting blend of neoclassic, Victorian-colonial, modern and African architectural design features gives Tshwane a cosmopolitan character.

The city is indeed a meeting place of many cultures. Many historic buildings, monuments and museums tell the story of a colourful and often turbulent past. It is the home of more than 130 foreign embassies and missions, and houses the national government departments.

The city receives a high number of national and international delegations, and hosts various conferences and conventions.

Elements of interest

  • It is home to more than 130 embassies and is therefore a world-renowned meeting place of diplomats, government officials and business people, and a cultural melting pot of the world

  • It is the knowledge capital of the continent, with its high concentration of academics, learning institutions, researchers and scientists

  • Tshwane is the only city in the world with a Big Five game reserve within its boundaries

  • The region is affectionately known as the Home of Jazz, with one of its largest townships named Mamelodi, which means "Mother of Melodies"