Gauteng facts

The Union Buildings in Tshwane.

The Union Buildings in Tshwane. (Image: Paul Saad)

1. Gauteng's manufacturing sector has over 900 firms and has capabilities across a number of industries, including:

  • Heavy steel industry
  • Automotive assembly and parts
  • Food and beverages
  • Light industry

(Image: Gauteng Tourism Authority)

2. Gauteng has some of South Africa's and the world's leading medical institutions, renowned for their innovation and research capabilities.

3. Gauteng's sports infrastructure is among the best in South Africa.

4. Tshwane is the seat of the government of South Africa.

5. Gauteng is the economic business epicentre of South Africa.

6. Gauteng offers a large concentration of meeting and events venues, capable of handling a large variety of events.

7. Gauteng boasts world-renowned academic institutions and a strong research industry.

8. Gauteng has multiple convention and exhibition centres spread across its different regions.

9. Gauteng provides leisure opportunities for delegates – there's a wide range of offerings for incentives and pre- and post-tours.

10. There are excellent dining, entertainment and nightlife, and shopping venues available to delegates.

12. More than 70 local banks, and a number of investment houses (both domestic and international) and trading firms are headquartered in Gauteng.

13. The JSE securities exchange is the largest stock exchange in Africa and consistently ranks in the world’s top 20 derivatives exchanges by number of contracts traded.

Gauteng offers an array of leisure options.

Gauteng offers an array of leisure options. (Image: Gauteng Tourism Authority)