Communication and internet access

(Image: Gauteng Tourism Authority)

The local dialling code for Johannesburg landline numbers is 011. From outside the country or from your cellphone it is +27 11. Numbers starting with 086 can only be dialled locally. For directory information, dial 1023 from a landline.

Joburgers love their cellphones, and you’ll see kids as young as 10 with their own phones. There are four major cellphone networks, and each offer pay-as-you-go, as well as contract call and data options. The network providers have stores in all major shopping centres, and airtime can be purchased at supermarkets and petrol stations.

Cellphone networks

The major cellphone operators are Vodacom (, MTN (, Cell C ( and Telkom (

Website My Broadband ( offers price comparisons on call and data packages. Check the website regularly because costs change frequently.

Rica (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act): all mobile SIM cards must be registered. The law is aimed at assisting law enforcement agencies to identify the users of cellphone numbers. To register a SIM card you will need your passport and proof of the address where you are staying.

Internet access

An increasing number of cafés, restaurants and accommodation establishments offer free Wi-Fi. Speeds are decent but can vary by provider. There are ongoing attempts to speed things up and you’ll notice dug-up pavements as fibre-optic cables are being laid.

Pay-as-you-go data packages can be bought in conjunction with your local SIM card and allow you to surf the internet on your smartphone. All major hotels and conference centres have complimentary Wi-Fi, so you will never be unconnected.

IT Corner (corner 7th Street and 4th Avenue in Melville; tel. +27 (0)11 482 6090; is an urban space for mobile workers, with free Wi-Fi, technical support, a meeting room and printing facilities.

Cellphone rentals and internet cafes

Contact the cellphone providers listed above to find out more about renting a cellphone while visiting Gauteng.

There are numerous internet cafes dotted around the province for internet access.