Finding the right branch code can be a hassle, especially when dealing with different banks. That’s where universal branch codes come in handy!

    What are Universal Branch Codes?

    These are generic codes that work for any branch of a specific bank. This means you can use them for online transactions instead of searching for specific branch codes.

    Why Use these Branch Codes?

    • Convenience: Save time and effort when making online payments.
    • Urgent Transfers: Make quick transfers without needing the recipient’s exact branch code.
    • Faster Processing: Many banks process transactions made with these codes faster, ensuring your money arrives swiftly.

    Where to Find Universal Branch Codes

    Many South African banks offer universal branch codes. You can usually find a list of these codes on your bank’s website.

    Top Banks with Universal Codes:

    • Capitec Bank
    • FNB
    • Standard Bank
    • Nedbank
    • Absa

    South African Bank Universal Branch Codes

    SA Bank NameBranch Code
    ABSA Bank632 005
    Bank of Athens410 506
    Bidvest Bank462 005
    Capitec Bank470 010
    FNB250 655
    Investec580 105
    Nedbank198 765
    SA Post Bank (Post Office)460 005
    Standard Bank051 001
    Branch codes in South Africa

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