Gauteng is not just the commercial powerhouse of the country but also a melting pot of cultures, which is vividly reflected in its diverse and exquisite culinary scene. With an impressive selection of the best fine dining restaurants in Gauteng located in the city of Johannesburg, these establishments offer a unique blend of local and international flavours. Their dishes are presented with impeccable service and in settings that range from the elegantly classic to the stylishly modern.

    In this article, we explore 12 of the best fine dining restaurants in Gauteng, each chosen by the distinguished diners of the province and offering a distinctive experience that caters to experienced and adventurous palates.

    The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Gauteng

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    1. Marble Restaurant (Rosebank)

    Marble Restaurant celebrates the South African tradition of cooking on fire. The restaurant, located in Rosebank, is not just about the food; it is about the entire experience. With a spectacular view of the city, the restaurant’s design is as impressive as its cuisine. Chef David Higgs focuses on locally sourced ingredients and combines them with international influences to create dishes that are both familiar and innovative.

    Address: Trumpet on Keyes Corner 19 Keyes, and, Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.5-star rating on Google (from 4,334 reviews).

    Google Review: “Definitely lives up to its reputation of one of the best restaurants in Joburg.

    The French Onion Soup was absolutely delicious. The rib-eye was juicy, tender, and done to perfection.

    The venue is rich, with views of JHB and the chef’s kitchen.

    Well worth the price.”

    2. Cubana Havana Lounge & Latino Caffé (Multiple Locations)

    For those looking for a blend of fine dining and vibrant nightlife, Cubana offers a unique experience. With several locations across Gauteng, this restaurant serves up a mix of Cuban, Caribbean, and South American flavours. The atmosphere is lively and colourful, making it a perfect spot for a fun evening out.

    Address: Cedar Rd, Fourways | Corner of New Road and Harry Galaun Road Carlswald Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Carlswald, Midrand.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.1-star rating on Google (from 1,831 reviews).

    Google Review: “The food is good, and the vibes are amazing, no matter the occasion you can be sure to enjoy yourself. The managers are very understanding, and solution orientated.”

    3. Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom (Sterkfontein)

    For a dining experience that is truly out of the ordinary, Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom offers a feast in a medieval style. Located near the Sterkfontein Caves, this restaurant provides a themed dining experience complete with period costumes, traditional music, and a hearty, medieval-inspired menu.

    Address: R563, Sterkfontein, Krugersdorp

    Google Rating: It has a 4.5-star rating on Google (from 860 reviews).

    Google Review: “What a fantastic experience, the service from all the staff was amazing. Food was delicious, the show was epic, and the atmosphere made it fun and you participated the whole night.

    We even had a problem because of the shuttle we hired for the day didn’t show. The staff of Greensleeves assisted and helped us get home. A huge thanks to the manager of Greensleeves. Will see you soon!!”

    4. Signature Restaurant (Sandton)

    Signature Restaurant in Sandton is the epitome of upscale dining, offering a blend of international cuisines with a strong South African influence. The restaurant’s elegant setting, combined with live music and a comprehensive wine list, makes it a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated dining experience.

    Address: Shop U13, Rivonia Rd, Sandton

    Google Rating: It has a 4.7-star rating on Google (from 1,593 reviews).

    Google Review: “What an amazing way to celebrate our 25th anniversary, with the kids too … we had a special table overlooking a gorgeous sunset view which just brought the entire experience together. The live music was magical!

    We all had a super delicious meal, loved that they catered to my special request to deconstruct our starter so I could make a veg version…. The fruit platter needs a bit of work, but our disappointment was turned around when we received a special anniversary dessert on the house …. Definitely recommend it and will be going back again!

    Thanks to the chef and staff for such an incredible experience.”

    Fine Dining Restaurants in Gauteng

    5. Bellagio (Illovo):

    Bellagio’s Chef-Owner Louise Castle only uses the finest and freshest seasonal produce to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The Bellagio’s Italian menu boasts cuisine like seafood risotto, zucchini fries, and the best cheese soufflé in the business. The restaurant also has a specials board filled with must-try dishes that are fresh and exciting. It has a stylish interior that transports you into the heart of Italy and its sheltered terrace is perfect for relaxed fine dining.

    Address: Unit 1, Oxford Manor, 196 Oxford Rd, Illovo.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.5-star rating on Google (from 667 reviews).

    Google Review: “Delicious, high-end, and superb quality Italian food. This is complemented by fantastic service and a simple, yet elegant setting.

    Bellagio has been serving delicious Italian food for many years, and our most recent visit did not disappoint.”

    6. Mezepoli Restaurant (Melrose Arch):

    The spirit of Mezepoli is freshness, simplicity, and a light touch. The best in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian flavours make up its ample meze menu. The restaurant uses its live-in-the-moment philosophy to create simple yet exquisite dishes to remind its guests about the pleasures of life. Take the time to enjoy a special glass of wine or a cocktail with meze – an ideal way to unwind after a busy working day, grab a meal on the go, or simply enjoy a sensational dining experience.

    Address: SL26, The Piazza, Whiteley Rd, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.4-star rating on Google (from 1,206 reviews).

    Google Review: “From the creamy Cafe Mocha we had to the delicious freshly made bite-size meze everything was deliciously awesome our waiter Sipho was always by our side.

    The food here deserves 7 stars we just came in for a quick bite and what a great choice, we will be back here for dinner.

    The fresh air and the vibe in the air is just bussing.”

    7. Verdicchio Restaurant and Wine Cellar (Fourways)

    The inside of Verdicchio Restaurant feels like an escape into a charming Mediterranean village. The restaurant has an old charm with a modern twist, and whether you are looking for a romantic date night, a fun celebration, or a corporate lunch, you will not go wrong with Verdicchio. It has an incredible wine cellar that features over 300 labels of assorted varietals, vintages, rare wines, champagnes, and whiskeys. The meticulously curated wine list complements a luscious menu that includes classic pasta dishes, succulent steaks, and mouthwatering seafood dishes.

    Address: Shop 9 Montecasino, Montecasino Blvd, Fourways. Ornate ironwork and vintage prints on bare-brick walls decorate this 2-storey, Tuscan-style eatery.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.4-star rating on Google (from 897 reviews).

    Google Review: “From all the Montecasino restaurants, this by far is the best. From the class as soon as you enter to the perfectly picked decor. It’s really something to sit back and enjoy the elegance of it all. The food is superbly plated, and the taste is amazing. The staff is extremely friendly and so welcoming. I really enjoyed the food, desserts, and drinks. Will definitely be going back and will recommend them to people.”

    8. The Rooftop Restaurant (Oxford Road):

    The Rooftop Restaurant, which overlooks the Johannesburg skyline, provides a refreshing night out. The Rooftop offers an exceptional experience for the distinguished patron with its fusion of fine dining and traditional foods. Made from only the freshest local and organic ingredients, the restaurant’s menu boasts gourmet dishes like no other. From decadent breakfasts to comforting lunches in the rooftop garden, with a variety of gorgeous desserts, freshly baked breads, pastries, macaroons, cakes, and delicious homemade ice-creams, Rooftop is not to be missed.

    Address: 2nd Floor, 99 Oxford Rd.

    Google Rating: It has a 4-star rating on Google (from 904 reviews).

    Google Review: “A delicious culinary experience for halaal-conscious eaters. The waiters and staff are friendly and helpful throughout the meal. The restaurant has an amazing aesthetic appeal and if you love photos, this space offers a great feature wall.”

    Fine Dining Restaurants in Gauteng

    9. Pigalle (Sandton):

    Pigalle Restaurant is located on the Sandton Skyline, in the prominent and prestigious Michelangelo Towers. This upmarket and exclusive restaurant has a menu that hits all the tastiest notes comprising fresh seafood and classic dishes with a Portuguese twist. From shallow-fried prawns dusted with tandoori spice and a pepino and coriander salsa to sesame-encrusted seared salmon drizzled with teriyaki sauce served with a classic cocktail or French Champagne, its menu is truly world-class. Pigalle is the unmistakable choice for an intimate dinner, a catch-up with friends, or a special occasion.

    Address: UO9, Michelangelo Towers, Maude St, Sandton.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.5-star rating on Google (from 851 reviews).

    Google Reviews: “Wonderful experience here. The butternut soup with the warm bread was a delicious way to start the meal. The bacalhau a bras was cooked perfectly and so flavoursome. The prawns were also delicious. They had an extensive and very quality wine list, and the service was excellent.”

    10. The Grillhouse (Multiple Locations):

    The Grillhouse is a renowned, treasured, and well-established premium steakhouse in Johannesburg. It brings the elements of a flawless dining experience together – great food, a huge selection of fine wines and malts, stellar service, and an upmarket and hospitable atmosphere. Whatever the occasion, from private dining to special and intimate parties, the Grillhouse will provide an unforgettable experience. Rosebank is the franchise’s flagship; each branch has a unique atmosphere but produces the same delicious food and service.

    Address: 1, The Firs, Hyatt Centre, Oxford Road & Biermann Avenue, Rosebank | Building 1, 11 Alice Ln, Sandhurst, Sandton | Melrose Arch, H20 & H21, 38 Whiteley Rd, Melrose North.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.6-star rating on Google (from 3,465 reviews).

    Google Review: “Great steakhouse in Rosebank with a large variety of meats. They also had plenty of vegetarian options.

    The ostrich and oxtail were both delicious. It was a great place to try some traditional SA foods.

    They had a large selection of wines as well as South African liquors and a lot of scotch and whiskies too.

    The staff was friendly and helpful. Prices were reasonable.”

    11. The Codfather (Sandton):

    As a member of a leading boutique restaurant chain in South Africa, the Codfather prides itself on providing guests with a remarkable eating experience; delivered by an attentive and service-oriented staff and an outstanding menu. The venue parades a culture and ambiance that captures the magic of Sandton. Whether you are looking to satisfy a craving for the freshest seafood or handcrafted sushi or indulge in delicious cocktails on a balcony overlooking the Sandton Skyline, the Codfather will more than satisfy you.

    Address: 3 Stan Rd, Morningside, Sandton.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.5-star rating on Google (from 2,148 reviews).

    Google Review: “Such a lovely place! Great service, beautiful layout and decor, and the food was so so wonderful. Probably the best seafood I’ve had in Gauteng. Fresh, cooked perfectly, and seasoned so well! I had their chocolate fondant dessert, and it was absolutely delicious! Cannot wait to visit again.”

    12. Saint Restaurant (Sandton):

    Head chef, David Higgs, trained by the best in Milan, steers Saint Restaurant cuisine with his knowledge and skill to bring Italy to Sandton. The restaurant’s menu offers dishes like fire-top and perfectly hand-made pizza from scratch, using imported wood-fire ovens from Naples. For more of Italy, the restaurant boasts signature pasta dishes, succulent slow-cooked meats, and sinfully luxurious desserts to kindle all your senses.

    Address: THE MARC, The Marc Corner Rivonia &, Maude St, Sandton.

    Google Rating: It has a 4.4-star rating on Google (from 2,530 reviews).

    Google Review: “The food was delicious! Too good! The portions were perfect. Definitely value for money. The complimentary bread and breadsticks were the perfect teaser. Very tasty. The order was very timely. Great service, very friendly and professional waiters. The ambiance was just amazing. Loved everything about the restaurant. On the pricier side but definitely worth it. Wagyu lasagna was the best lasagna ever!!”

    Fine Dining Restaurants in Gauteng

    These are just a few of the many great fine-dining restaurants in Gauteng. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your next special occasion.

    In conclusion, the diverse list of fine dining restaurants in Gauteng, though concentrated in the economic hub of the province, epitomises its culture.  offering a range of experiences from the traditionally elegant to the modern and eclectic. Each restaurant brings its unique flavours to the table, making Gauteng a must-visit destination for food lovers around the world. Whether you are in the mood for a botanical adventure, a fire-cooked feast, or a medieval banquet, Gauteng’s fine dining establishments are sure to leave you with unforgettable culinary memories.