Discover a unique opportunity to jumpstart your career in the energy sector with our Specialist Engineer vacancy at the Independent Power Producer Office (IPPO). This position is designed for ambitious individuals eager to contribute to South Africa’s energy future.

    About the Company

    The Independent Power Producer Office, established in 2010 and hosted by the Development Bank of South Africa, plays a critical role in alleviating electricity supply constraints in South Africa by procuring energy from Independent Power Producers. Renowned for its expertise and success, the IPPO offers specialized services including IPP Energy Procurement Management, Monitoring, Evaluation, Contract Management, and Professional Advisory Services.

    Job Overview

    • Company: Independent Power Producer Office (IPPO)
    • Hosted by: Development Bank of South Africa
    • Location: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
    • Closing Date: 2024/02/21
    • Job Grade: 18
    • Job Type Classification: Contract
    • Reference Number: DBS230906-1

    About the Position: Specialist Engineer

    The Specialist Engineer at the IPPO is a linchpin in the renewable and non-renewable energy sectors, ensuring the seamless integration of Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects into South Africa’s national grid. This role demands a high level of expertise in electrical engineering to manage and optimize the technical aspects of IPP procurement, connection, and grid integration.

    The Specialist Engineer works closely with Eskom, municipalities, and various government bodies, playing a critical role in planning, designing, and implementing strategies that address and streamline technical dependencies. This position is not just about technical oversight; it involves proactive engagement with stakeholders to advocate for and implement standardized practices and innovative solutions.

    By ensuring the technical feasibility and efficiency of IPP generation projects, the Specialist Engineer significantly contributes to the nation’s energy sustainability and security. This role requires a visionary approach to engineering challenges, a commitment to excellence, and a deep understanding of the energy landscape, including emerging technologies and regulatory frameworks.

    Minimum Qualifications

    • BScEng Electrical or equivalent (MScEng preferred).
    • At least 8 years’ experience in power system grid planning/development or utility scale energy generation.
    • Professional registration at ECSA PrEng or equivalent is advantageous.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Optimizing IPP Programmes Integration
      • The Specialist Engineer plays a crucial role in refining and streamlining the integration processes of IPP Programmes. This involves evaluating and enhancing systems and protocols to ensure seamless collaboration between various energy projects, including renewable energy, battery storage, and hybrid facilities. By identifying and mitigating technical risks, the Engineer ensures the technical viability and efficiency of IPP initiatives.
    • Enhancing Utility Planning and Grid Connection Capacity for IPPs
      • A critical aspect of this role involves working with Eskom and local municipalities to forecast and plan for future energy generation needs, aligning with the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The Engineer will assist in improving planning methodologies and designs to accurately incorporate the grid and water connection requirements of IPP programmes, ultimately facilitating a smoother integration of IPPs into the national grid.
    • Providing Specialist Technology Guidance and Support
      • The Specialist Engineer offers expert advice on the technical requirements and advancements relevant to IPP programmes. This includes evaluating emerging technologies, advising on the technical aspects of project proposals, and ensuring that IPP projects adhere to the highest standards of engineering excellence. The goal is to drive innovation and efficiency improvements across all IPP projects.
    • Successfully Leading Teams and Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships
      • Leadership and effective communication are key to this role. The Engineer will lead and mentor teams, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and excellence. Building and maintaining strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including government agencies, Eskom, municipalities, and international partners, are vital. This ensures that technical dependencies are managed and the IPP Office’s strategic objectives are achieved through cohesive teamwork and partnerships.



    • Comprehensive understanding of general business management, financial business case management, and project management disciplines & methodologies.
    • In-depth knowledge of engineering practices and principles, including a broad understanding of various legislations related to the IPP Office.
    • Awareness of IPP Office’s policies, practices, processes, and systems, coupled with a broad-based understanding of the business operating model.
    • Knowledge of Eskom, other public sector bodies, relevant standardization bodies, and the principles of business strategy.
    • Ethical responsibilities within the IPP Office context.


    • Exceptional presentation, facilitation, negotiation, interpersonal, and networking skills.
    • Advanced financial and business analytic capabilities.
    • Proficient in problem-solving, decision-making, coaching, and mentoring.
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Project Management expertise, with an ability to effectively plan, prioritize, and influence outcomes.
    • Strategic leadership skills, underpinned by solid analysis, judgment, and numerical reasoning.


    • A commitment to excellence, with an assertive approach and an investigative orientation.
    • High customer responsiveness and business acumen.
    • The ability to motivate teams and influence both internal and external stakeholders.
    • Demonstrated ability in strategic leadership, planning, and prioritizing, guided by ethical considerations and a deep understanding of the IPP sector.

    How to Apply

    • Required Documents: CV, Cover Letter, Academic Transcripts
    • Application Process: Submit your application online by the closing date, including all required documents.

    Additional Tips and Information

    • Familiarize yourself with the latest in energy generation technologies and IPP projects.
    • Highlight your ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and manage complex projects.

    The IPPO offers a dynamic and challenging environment for a Specialist Engineer providing unparalleled exposure to South Africa’s energy sector. Join us to contribute to meaningful projects that impact national energy solutions.