The South African political landscape is in a state of flux. Newer, smaller parties are gaining traction in the face of public dissatisfaction with the longstanding leadership of the African National Congress (ANC).  Here’s a look at some of the most notable new political party leaders behind these rising political movements:

    A List of South Africa’s Most Prominent New Political Party Leaders:


    Herman Mashaba:  A successful entrepreneur and former mayor of Johannesburg, Mashaba champions pro-business policies and prioritises service delivery.  He envisions ActionSA as a pragmatic alternative to the ANC, prioritising clean governance and efficient solutions.

    Patriotic Alliance

    Gayton McKenzie:  A charismatic ex-convict turned businessman and author, McKenzie’s populist language and anti-immigrant stance resonate with many disgruntled South Africans. His Patriotic Alliance emphasises nationalism and economic redress for communities affected by poverty and crime.

    African Transformation Movement

    Vuyolwethu Zungula: A former ANC Member of Parliament, Zungula now leads the ATM, focusing on religious principles, ethical leadership, and land reform. His party espouses Christian values and aims to combat what it sees as a decline in traditional morality.

    Good Party

    Patricia de Lille: A political veteran who previously led the Independent Democrats, de Lille emphasises the Good Party’s strong anti-corruption stance and track record of good governance in municipalities like Cape Town. Her focus remains on creating an accountable and transparent government.

    Build One South Africa

    Mmusi Maimane: A former leader of the Democratic Alliance, Maimane promotes unity, economic advancement, and social reforms in his new movement.  He envisions BOSA as a centre-ground party focused on fostering entrepreneurship and creating an enabling environment for business.

    Rise Mzansi

    Songezo Zibi: A businessman and political commentator, Zibi’s campaign centres on ethical leadership, merit-based systems, and anti-corruption initiatives. He promotes an ideology of competence and modernisation within government.

    African People’s Convention

    Themba Godi: A veteran politician and advocate for socialist ideals, Godi’s party remains critical of capitalist-focused policies and seeks to uplift the working class. His party highlights issues of equitable land redistribution and worker empowerment.

    Umkhonto we Siswe (MK) Party

    Jabulani Sibongiseni Khumalo: A relative newcomer to the political scene, Sibongiseni advocates for addressing veterans’ concerns and social issues. The MK Party, named after the military wing of the ANC, champions a platform of inclusivity and promises improved conditions for marginalised groups.

    All Game Changers

    Duduzane Zuma: Son of former president Jacob Zuma, Duduzane is a controversial figure in his own right.  He focuses his campaign on economic revitalisation, social programs, and youth empowerment.  His populist appeals seek to address the frustration of marginalised South Africans.

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    The Road Ahead

    These new political party leaders embody the changing tides of South African politics. It remains to be seen whether any of these new movements will successfully challenge the dominance of the ANC and gain enough power to implement substantial change. Nevertheless, they all contribute to a more vibrant and diverse political landscape in South Africa, ensuring that a wider range of voices are heard.