Predicting electoral outcomes is complex and depends heavily on shifting political landscapes. This article will go through an overview of South Africa’s Election Predictions for 2024, factors to watch, and some trends that could play a role in the upcoming elections:

    Major Political Parties

    • ANC (African National Congress): The liberation movement turned ruling party has been facing declining support in recent years due to internal divisions, corruption scandals, and the country’s persistent socio-economic problems.
    • DA (Democratic Alliance): The official opposition party has made some gains, positioning itself as a government-in-waiting. They highlight efficient governance in areas they control and the need for change.
    • EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters): The EFF has capitalised on widespread frustration among young, economically marginalised South Africans. Their radical language on land reform and nationalisation resonate with some voters.
    • ActionSA: A newer party led by Herman Mashaba, focusing on service delivery and anti-corruption messaging. They have been growing, especially in urban areas.

    South Africa’s Election Predictions for 2024: Key Factors to Consider

    • Economic Situation:  South Africa’s ongoing issues with load shedding (power outages), high unemployment, and rising costs of living severely impact voter sentiment. The party seen as best able to address these will likely benefit.
    • Coalition Dynamics: South Africa’s political system may make coalitions at a national or provincial level necessary. Pre-election negotiations and voter perceptions of cooperation possibilities are significant.
    • Registration and Turnout: Low voter registration, particularly among the youth, and actual turnout on election day will influence the results.
    • Leadership: Leaders’ popularity, public image, and ability to connect with voters matter. Scandals or internal party strife can hurt a party’s image.

    Possible Trends

    • ANC Decline:  The ANC will likely continue to lose support at the pace it has in recent elections. Whether this loss is significant enough to lose their majority is uncertain.
    • Opposition Gains (but fragmented): DA, EFF, and smaller parties like ActionSA could make gains, but it’s unclear if any one party can significantly consolidate opposition votes and emerge as a real alternative to the ANC.
    • Rise in Coalitions: Smaller parties might become kingmakers, forcing larger parties into coalitions. This could lead to more fragmented and unstable governments.

    Many new political parties have decided to join the race in recent months. It is yet to be seen if any of them have stances strong enough to convince apathetic South Africans to vote in the upcoming elections.

    Results From a Recent Poll

    An interesting poll by a new political party, Change Starts Now, was conducted toward the end of 2023 to understand how voters felt about the upcoming 2024 elections. The survey had 9,000 respondents from all over the country, including urban and rural areas. The results were very telling:

     ANCDAEFFOtherDon’t Know/Would Rather Not SayWon’t Vote
    Eastern Cape57%10%15%6%9%4%
    North West48%13%22%6%6%5%
    Northern Cape46%18%13%9%9%4%
    Free State42%24%14%5%11%6%
    Western Cape24%42%9%7%11%7%
    Provincial breakdown of a national poll of voter intentions ahead of the 2024 elections. (Registered voters only.) –

    For the major provinces (Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and Western Cape), other parties have cannibalised voters from the ANC. New parties may also perform better in those regions. Lastly, these provinces have the largest proportion of people who may not vote at all.

    Important Notes

    • Polls: South Africans must pay attention to reputable polls closer to the election. They will offer clearer snapshots of public opinion, though limitations with polls always exist.
    • Unexpected Events: Unexpected events, scandals, or sudden shifts in public mood can dramatically alter the landscape right before an election.

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    Disappointment in South Africa’s ruling party is becoming clearer as the nation edges toward the elections. While the outcome of the 2024 elections may not be predictable, especially because of the addition of many new political parties in recent months, it is important to vote. Voters must stay on top of political developments so that they can exercise their right to vote and make an informed decision.