Are you poised to take the next big leap in your career in finance? The City of Tshwane presents a remarkable opportunity through its Municipal Finance Management Internship Programme. This initiative is designed for ambitious individuals eager to delve into the complexities of municipal finance and contribute significantly to our community’s prosperity.

    Situated at the heart of our administrative capital, the programme emanates from the Group Financial Services Department, under the vigilant eye of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. With four positions up for grabs, this is your chance to be stationed at the prestigious Tshwane House, nestled within the vibrant Pretoria CBD.

    Municipal Finance Management Internship Overview

    • Location: Tshwane House, Pretoria CBD
    • Position: Municipal Finance Management Intern (4 Posts)
    • Contract Period: 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2027

    Qualifying Criteria

    • A bachelor’s degree or national diploma in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Risk Management, or Auditing.
    • Residency within the Tshwane area, validated by proof of residence.
    • Age criteria: Applicants must be between 21 and 35 years old.


    • Data Interpretation and Decision Making: Candidates must possess the ability to analyze financial data, interpret fiscal reports, and understand budgetary frameworks. This involves not just number-crunching but also the capability to discern patterns, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions that align with the municipality’s financial goals and regulations.
    • Problem-Solving: The dynamic nature of municipal finance management often presents unique and complex challenges. Prospective interns should be adept at identifying problems, evaluating alternatives, and implementing solutions that are both innovative and compliant with statutory requirements.
    • Clear and Persuasive Communication: Effective communication is pivotal in the realm of finance management. Interns will be required to articulate financial concepts and strategies clearly to diverse audiences, including non-finance professionals, stakeholders, and the community at large. This encompasses both written and verbal communication skills.
    • Stakeholder Engagement: Building and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders is fundamental. Candidates should demonstrate the ability to engage constructively with colleagues, supervisors, and the wider community, providing and soliciting feedback to foster mutual understanding and collaborative solutions.
    • Navigating Change: The municipal finance landscape is subject to continuous evolution, influenced by changes in legislation, economic conditions, and community needs. Interns must be resilient and adaptable, able to navigate through change and uncertainty with a positive outlook.
    • Growth Mindset: The willingness to learn and grow is crucial. This internship offers a rich learning environment where interns will be exposed to a wide range of financial management practices, tools, and technologies. Candidates should exhibit a proactive approach to professional development, seeking opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.
    • Contributing to a Cohesive Team Environment: Finance management is inherently collaborative, requiring interns to work effectively within diverse teams. This includes sharing knowledge, supporting team objectives, and working constructively with others to achieve common goals.
    • Cultural and Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and respecting cultural differences, and demonstrating empathy and emotional intelligence in interactions with others, are key to building strong, productive relationships.
    • Digital Literacy: In today’s digital age, proficiency in financial software, databases, and analytical tools is indispensable. Candidates should be comfortable using technology to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility in financial processes and reporting.


    • Municipal Finance Management Principles: Interns are expected to possess or rapidly acquire a profound understanding of the principles underpinning municipal finance management. This includes knowledge of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, budgeting processes, financial reporting, auditing, and risk management. The ability to apply these principles in real-world scenarios to enhance financial transparency, accountability, and efficiency within municipal operations is crucial.
    • Ethical Integrity: In a field where financial prudence and accountability are paramount, ethical integrity stands as the bedrock of all operations. Interns must demonstrate unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior, ensuring that all financial practices and decisions are conducted above reproach.
    • Professionalism: This encompasses a broad range of behaviors and attitudes conducive to a productive and respectful workplace, including punctuality, responsibility, and a positive attitude towards work. Professionalism also means maintaining confidentiality, adhering to policies and procedures, and representing the municipality with dignity and respect.
    • Teamwork: The ability to work effectively within diverse teams is indispensable. This includes contributing to group tasks, supporting colleagues, and navigating interpersonal dynamics with diplomacy. The success of municipal finance initiatives often hinges on the collective effort and synergy of the team.
    • Collaborative Working Capabilities: Beyond internal teamwork, interns will engage with various stakeholders, including other municipal departments, government bodies, and the public. Competency in collaborative work involves clear communication, negotiation skills, and the ability to align different interests towards common goals.
    • Adaptability: The dynamic nature of municipal finance requires interns to be adaptable, capable of navigating legislative changes, financial reforms, and shifts in economic conditions with agility and foresight.
    • Problem-Solving: Interns should be equipped with the ability to identify challenges, analyze problems, and devise effective solutions, contributing to the resilience and sustainability of municipal finance management.
    • Continuous Learning: A commitment to ongoing personal and professional development is vital. The landscape of municipal finance is ever-evolving, and staying abreast of new laws, technologies, and best practices is essential for continuous improvement and innovation in the field.

    Role Responsibilities and Duties

    • Professional Development: Interns will participate in a meticulously designed training programme that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications. This includes workshops, seminars, and on-the-job training led by seasoned professionals in municipal finance. The aim is to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world financial management.
    • Experiential Learning: Beyond classroom-based instruction, interns will engage in hands-on projects that expose them to the day-to-day operations of municipal finance. This practical exposure is crucial for understanding the complexities of budgeting, financial planning, and treasury functions within a municipal context.
    • Budget Preparation and Analysis: Interns will actively contribute to the preparation and analysis of the municipal budget, gaining insights into how financial resources are allocated and managed to support public services and projects.
    • Financial Reporting and Compliance: Interns will assist in the compilation of financial statements and reports, ensuring they meet the standards set by regulatory bodies. This role is critical for maintaining transparency and accountability in municipal finances.
    • Treasury Management: Exposure to treasury operations, including cash flow management, investments, and debt administration, will be a key part of the internship. Interns will learn how to optimize the municipality’s financial assets and liabilities to ensure financial stability and growth.
    • Regulatory Compliance: A significant responsibility for interns involves ensuring that all financial activities comply with the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act and other relevant legislation. This includes understanding the legal requirements for financial governance, procurement, and public finance management.
    • Implementation of Reforms: Interns will play a role in implementing financial reforms and best practices within the municipality. This may involve participating in initiatives aimed at enhancing financial efficiency, governance, and service delivery to the community.
    • Stakeholder Engagement: Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders, including departments within the municipality, government agencies, and the public, is part of the internship. Interns will learn to convey financial information clearly and effectively, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.
    • Continuous Improvement: Interns are encouraged to identify opportunities for improving financial management processes and systems. This proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation will contribute to the ongoing development of the municipality’s financial practices

    Compensation and Benefits

    • Remuneration: R11,000.00 per month, underpinned by a formal contract with the City of Tshwane.

    Career Development

    • The internship culminates in a qualification in Municipal Finance Management, aligning with the Municipal Regulations on Minimum Competency Levels.
    • Participants will receive training that builds on university-acquired skills, preparing them for significant roles within municipal finance management.
    • Interns will directly contribute to the financial governance and stability of Tshwane, playing a crucial role in the city’s development and prosperity.

    Application Details

    Application Requirements

    • Curriculum vitae (CV).
    • Certified copies of identity documents and academic qualifications.
    • Proof of residence certified by the ward councillor or a recent utilities bill.

    How to Apply

    • Deliver your application in person to the Group Human Capital Management Recruitment Walk-in Centre, located at Middestad Building, 252 Thabo Sehume Street, Pretoria CBD, or post to PO Box 440, Pretoria, 0001.
    • Deadline: Tuesday, 27 February 2024 at 12:00.
    • Note: Email submissions or late applications will not be considered.

    This internship is more than a job; it is a pathway to making a tangible difference in the City of Tshwane while advancing your career in municipal finance management.

    If you meet the qualifications and are driven by the prospect of shaping the city’s future, seize this opportunity. For any inquiries, reach out to Thabang G Moloi at (012 358 8052). Do not let this chance slip through your fingers; apply before the closing date to embark on this rewarding journey.