The Ithuba National Lottery’s Daily Lotto Results for 21th February 2024 featured a significant jackpot, with the winning numbers for this draw being 01, 09, 16, 35, 36. The jackpot for this draw was estimated to be around R480,000, continuing the lottery’s tradition of providing exciting opportunities for participants to win substantial amounts.

    Daily Lotto Results for 21 Feb 2024: 01 | 09 | 16 | 35 | 36

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    How to Play the Daily Lotto

    Playing In-Store:

    1. Get a betslip at any lottery store.
    2. Pick five numbers from 1 to 36 or opt for a Quick Pick.
    3. Each entry costs R3. You can spend up to R150 and play multiple boards.
    4. To enter consecutive draws (up to 10), indicate the number on the slip. For a single draw, leave it blank.
    5. Pay for your ticket at the counter.
    6. Sign the back of your ticket for security.

    Playing Online:

    1. Create an account on the lottery website and deposit funds.
    2. Choose your five numbers from 1 to 36 or use the ‘Quick Pick’ for random numbers. Do this for as many boards as you wish to play.
    3. Decide if you’re entering one or multiple draws.
    4. Confirm and pay for your entry.

    These steps provide a straightforward guide to participating in the lottery, ensuring you can easily follow the process whether you’re purchasing your ticket in a store or online.

    What Time is the Daily Lotto Draw

    The Daily Lotto draw is scheduled for 21:00 each evening. Tickets for the draw are available for purchase until 20:30. There is no live TV coverage.

    How to Claim Your Daily Lotto Winnings

    To claim a win from the Ithuba National Lottery, winners are advised to follow the official procedures outlined on the Ithuba National Lottery website. This typically involves verifying the ticket against the winning numbers, which are also published on the lottery’s website. It’s important for winners to ensure their tickets are secure and to check the specific rules and timelines for claiming their winnings, as these may vary depending on the amount won and the game played.

    For larger prizes, winners might need to visit an official lottery office, while smaller wins can often be claimed at authorized retailers. It’s also essential for winners to be aware of any tax implications or legal requirements associated with their winnings. For the most accurate and detailed information regarding claiming lottery winnings and to verify the winning numbers, it’s best to refer directly to the Ithuba National Lottery’s official website or their customer service centers. This will provide the most reliable guidance and support for lottery participants.

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