In a bid to improve service delivery and reduce the backlog of outstanding identification document (ID) applications, the Department of Home Affairs South Africa has announced extended hours. Offices will now be open on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM until the 25th of May 2024 (excluding the 27th of April 2024).

    Services Available During Saturday Hours:

    • ID collection: If you’ve already applied for your South African ID, you can collect it during the Saturday hours.
    • New ID and passport applications: Submit new applications for IDs and passports.
    • Temporary Identity Certificates: Get a Temporary Identity Certificate if you’ve lost your ID or are awaiting the processing of a new one.
    • Resolving issues: The Department of Home Affairs will address challenges related to ID duplicates, amendments, rectifications, and deceased or alive status cases (provided you have the required supporting documents).

    Addressing Backlogs and Improving Convenience

    The extended Saturday hours aim to reduce the strain on the department caused by a high volume of applications. It also offers greater convenience for citizens who cannot visit Home Affairs offices during regular weekday hours.

    Home Affairs South Africa – Mobile Offices for Remote Areas

    The Department of Home Affairs will also deploy mobile offices to remote areas where they previously collected applications.  This will make ID collection easier for citizens who live far from Home Affairs branches.


    • To find your nearest Home Affairs office and contact details, visit the Department of Home Affairs website:
    • It’s advisable to arrive early as queues might be longer on Saturdays.

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    The extension of Home Affairs operating hours is a positive step towards improving essential document accessibility for South African citizens. Take advantage of these added hours, especially if you struggle to visit during weekdays.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Which Home Affairs offices are included in the Saturday opening hours?

    A: Check the Department of Home Affairs website for a fully updated list of participating offices. Not all branches may be open on Saturdays.

    Q:  Are all Home Affairs services available on Saturdays?

    A: No. Saturday hours are primarily focused on ID and passport applications and collection, as well as a few specific issue resolutions. Services like marriage registration may not be available.

    Q: Do I need to make an appointment for the Saturday hours?

    A: Currently, appointments are not required for Saturday visits. However, it’s good to check the Department of Home Affairs website or call your local branch, as this policy might change.

    Q: Are the Saturday hours likely to be very busy?

    A: Yes, expect longer queues on Saturdays. Arrive early and be prepared to wait.

    Q: I live in a remote area. Will I benefit from the extended hours?

    A: The Department of Home Affairs is deploying mobile units to make ID collection more accessible for those in remote areas. Check their website for updated schedules and locations for mobile offices.