The Competition Commission, a key organization dedicated to nurturing a competitive economic environment in South Africa, is excited to offer an exceptional opportunity for professionals in the public policy and legal fields. They are seeking a Divisional Manager for the Advocacy Division, based in Pretoria, Gauteng. This pivotal role enables the incumbent to make a substantial contribution to the Commission’s mission of fostering compliance and competitive practices in the market.

    Position Overview: Divisional Manager

    • Location: Pretoria, Gauteng
    • Division: Advocacy Division
    • Minimum Experience: Executive level
    • Company Primary Industry: Public Policy
    • Job Functional Area: Legal

    About the Position:

    The Advocacy Division plays a crucial role within The Competition Commission, focusing on promoting compliance with the Competition Act via non-enforcement methods. Central to its responsibilities are the implementation of measures to enhance market transparency and the development of public awareness regarding the Act’s provisions. It spearheads policy analysis, contributing to government policies and regulations designed to encourage competitive outcomes, and conducts sector-based research to analyze competition trends. Additionally, the division undertakes initial investigations into public complaints and strategically pursues cases beyond enforcement, using advocacy as a key tool for resolution.

    The Divisional Manager, reporting directly to the Commissioner, will lead the development and execution of the Commission’s Advocacy Strategy and manage the Advocacy Division. This role is pivotal in advancing the Commission’s mandate, participating in the Executive Committee (EXCO), and representing the Commission both locally and internationally to promote compliance with competition law and policy within the broader economic policy framework.

    Key Qualifications:

    • A minimum of a relevant Master’s Degree in Economics or Equivalent Degree.
    • A minimum of 10 years overall working experience. 5 years’ experience working on regulatory issues at executive management level reporting to CEO is an added advantage.
    • Must have proven experience in contributing to the formulation and development of economic policy.
    • A proven experience in engaging stakeholders

    Personality and Attributes

    In addition to possessing well-developed technical skills in their areas of specialization, the successful candidate must also align with the Commission’s core values, which include Communication, Ownership, Making a Difference, Professionalism, Employee Welfare, Teamwork, and Efficiency. The candidate should:

    • Be a visionary and strategic thinker.
    • Possess strong interpersonal skills.
    • Demonstrate transformational leadership capabilities.
    • Exhibit proficiency in change management.
    • Have robust negotiation skills.
    • Be impact-oriented, aiming to make a significant difference through their work.

    Key Accountabilities of the Divisional Manager, Advocacy Division

    The Divisional Manager at The Competition Commission’s Advocacy Division is entrusted with a series of critical responsibilities aimed at fostering a competitive and inclusive economic environment. These accountabilities form the backbone of the division’s strategic mission and operational effectiveness:

    • Developing and implementing the Commission’s Advocacy Strategy.
    • Influencing the development of pro-competitive economic policies and legislation.
    • Identifying sectors for advocacy to enhance competition and support for SMEs and HDP-owned firms.
    • Managing the screening, assessment, and advocacy for complaint resolutions submitted to the Commission.
    • Contributing to the strategic and operational planning of the Commission in accordance with relevant legislation.
    • Formulating policy positions and representing the Commission in local and international forums.
    • Defining the division’s strategy, business plan, and budget.
    • Participating in the Commission’s governance structures, including the Executive Committee (EXCO).
    • Coaching, supporting, and motivating team members for optimal performance.

    Compensation and Benefits:

    • Competitive salary package starting at R 1 866 509.22 per annum, negotiable based on experience
    • Comprehensive health benefits, retirement plans, and generous vacation policies.

    Application Process:

    Deadline: 08 March 2024
    How to Apply: Apply through the online career portal.

    • Submit a comprehensive CV, cover letter, and if applicable, a portfolio
    • Respond to specific questions as outlined in the application instructions

    Seize this opportunity to join a vibrant team committed to significantly impacting South Africa’s economic framework. By becoming a part of The Competition Commission, you will play a pivotal role in fostering a market that is both competitive and accessible to all.