Covid-19 lockdown: Gauteng’s deserted streets

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed governments around the world under tremendous pressure to impose emergency protocols to curb the spread of the coronavirus. A nationwide lockdown in South Africa was first announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 23 March 2020 and effectively commenced from 27 March.

Initially scheduled to end at midnight on 16 April, the lockdown was extended for a further two weeks, until 30 April 2020.

Most retail shops, schools and businesses across the country have been closed since mid-March to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. This has left parts of Gauteng largely abandoned as people stay at home, only leaving their places of residence under the necessary circumstances.

Below are some images of Gauteng during lockdown – far quieter than the usual economic hub that bustles with people and activity.

2 Inner City Park
Motionless. This popular inner-city park in Johannesburg hasn't seen any visitors during lockdown. (Image: Amacreatives)
A deserted street in a suburb of Boksburg. (Image: Christelle de Beer)
1 Jeppestown
A street in Jeppestown, where many usually go about their daily business. (Image: Amacreatives)
5 Deserted Freeways
Highways in Johannesburg have seen very little traffic since the lockdown. (Image: Amacreatives)